Guest Post and Review Policies

We have three days during the week slotted specifically for certain blog topics. Please be aware of these topics before you ask to guest post.

Mondays: We will focus on new releases or upcoming releases of new or established authors. If you have a new release coming out soon and would like it spotlighted here, please go to our contact page.  Posts for this day should include a short blurb about the book, an author bio, any relevant links, a .jpg of the book cover and/or .jpg of the author. We will list as many books in one post as possible. If we are unable to list your book, we will do our best to notify you and try to post it before the release date. Please note this may not always be possible!

Wednesdays: These days are slotted for writing tips. If you have some advice for authors in any stage of the publishing process and would like to share, please do so! We can all use writing tips.

Thursdays: These days will be slotted for book reviews. If you have a book you would like reviewed, please contact us for submission. If you would like to do a review, please follow the guidelines below and send the following, with the review: Synopsis of the book, .jpg of the cover, all available purchase links.

Tuesdays and Fridays will be open for anything that does not fall into these categories listed above. If you have an idea for a blog post and it does not fit into any of the above topics, please contact us before submitting your post.

Posting guidelines:

*Post should not be more than 500 words in length. If you go over slightly, that's fine. However, please try to adhere to the word count.

*Keep the content clean! While we are not against foul language or sexual content, this is a blog for all ages and we will not post anything that is overly graphic in nature. 

* Do not submit political or religious topics. Unless they tie in directly with your book/short story, this is NOT the place for such topics.

*Please send all viable links connected to your blog post. ie: contact information, .jpg's, links to personal blogs, websites, Twitter and/or Facebook.

Posting Reviews:

* Make sure to include all of the following:
     ~ .jpg of the book cover.
     ~ Author, title of the book, ISBN or ASIN #. (These are found on product pages)
     ~ Whether or not you purchased the book or if it was gifted to you. *Important!*
     ~ All available purchase links.
     ~ Synopsis of the book or overview from the purchase sites such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
     ~ Your overall review.

When writing a review, please refrain from attacking the author personally. Do not be overly harsh in your criticism of the book. While you have the right to your opinion, negative reviews should help the author in future endeavors, not tear them down. All reviews will be 'reviewed' before posting. If we find them to be inappropriate, we reserve the right to refuse posting.

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