Friday, July 19, 2013

Flash Friday

It's that time again. Flash Fiction Friday! Just because I say 'flash' does not mean it is an excuse to get naked.

This week's prompt: Write about moving and neighbors.
Please note, some content is not suitable for under 18.
Here are a couple pieces from Hydra Morningstar and Rick Powell:

Moving Day For Cody
by Hydra M. Star

Cody never understood why his neighbors didn’t like him. He was a hard working guy, living in a working class neighborhood. He didn’t bother no one. Sure, he’d gotten into that little feud with the people who use to live next door a few years ago. The police made too much of a big deal out of that and he’d spent three weeks in jail because of it.

That girl was only fifteen, but when he dropped his pants in the middle of the street and exposed himself to her, inviting her to “suck it”, that wasn’t the first time she’d seen a penis. He was willing to beat everything he owned on that little fact. No, sir, and the police wouldn’t listen to him when he tried to explain that all he was trying to do, when he went out front and started screaming at her and her brothers, was to get them to stop playing basketball in the street. All the dribbling and running around were annoying. It was the weekend. He was trying to relax and watch a little television, but instead he got taken to jail because a bunch of disrespectful kids got smart with him when he told them to knock it off.

It was all okay in the end, though. He got them back for calling the law. They’d never been able to prove who gave them puppies of theirs that anti-freeze and they moved not long after. Good riddance!

After that Cody–who’d already lost his driver’s license due a couple of traffic cops a few different nights not having anything better to do than pull him over and give him a breathalyzer test–had a hard time finding and keeping a job. Damn owner of the garage where he use to work fired him because he couldn’t legal drive a car and “couldn’t stay out of trouble”. Damn cops! Damn boss! Damn neighbors! Damn them all! Didn’t they know our society is going to shit? Good hard working Americans were being pushed out of their jobs by legals, every day. But no, none of them were worried about arresting none of them. They were too worried about how many beers a night Cody had and how he got home from the bar and rather or not he was still driving that old truck of his. The one without proper headlights or insurance. But won’t none of that any of their business. He was an American, born and raised. He paid his taxes.

Well, he would have paid them had he not been being paid cash, under the table. Damn Obamacare wasn’t going to be funded by him.

That was why he’d started working on cars in his backyard, but damn if the neighbors hadn’t complained about that too. They were worried about him not properly disposing of old oil and other fluids from the engines he worked on. What did these idiots think the sewers where for, if not to flush fluids into? It won’t going to hurt nothing and the noise? Yeah, old engines make a lot of noise. So, what? Won’t no one asleep at ten at night, no way. He had jobs to do and money to make. But no one understood any of that, they just kept calling the law and the law kept telling him he didn’t have the proper zoning and permits to run an auto repair shop out of his backyard.

So, Cody was damn glad to be moving. Damn glad. Maybe his next batch of neighbors would all be a little more reasonable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4/12/1998. The smiling neighbors next door helped me me the numerous boxes in the to loading truck. Perfect spring day. This new job in the city will help me pay off those bills in no time. Jessica objected to the move. We argued for weeks about this but it is for the best. She said the apartment is too small for the both of us but once I start making the good money, it will change in no time. Loading went easy until we moved the crate. took all 3 of us to carry it. Everything fits fine now on the truck. 

4/13/1998. Finally arrived and got everything carried in. Took a little time to drive here. Had to make the detour by the river last night. It was easier to unload the crate off the truck and just have it fall into the water. It is heavy enough and sunk fast. 

4/15/1998. Finally settled in. This one-bedroom apartment is just what I need. Will report for work tuesday.

--Rick Powell

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