Friday, July 12, 2013

Flash Friday

This week's Flash Friday prompts were, "Use the full moon and cigarettes in your story" and a photo prompt of a fox chasing a mouse over snow:

Do I smoke too often?
Allow me to light a cigarette
While I think about that.
It is a night of memories,
All reflected in the vacant eyes

Of the Man in the Moon.

I wanted to be the moon
Before outsiders pushed me toward poison.
But someone told me once I would be
A wonderful moon, indeed.

On some nights, I hear that belief;
Or I see him when I look in the mirror.
I feel the empty spaces
Which should be occupied by him;
The infinite density of surrounding voids.

But he remains there;
In a way no drop of alcohol,
No needle, no balm or cigarette ever can;
In a way which only this full moon
And I can hope to feel.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“We see here the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) pursuing its prey the grey field mouse (Mus musculus) in the never ending struggle that is life in the wild.”

The fox stops, “Excuse me, my name is Jerry and this is Ted.”

“Yeah,” Ted adds in. “this is a game of tag until the Coffee Shop opens.”

“Damned no-it-all British narrators!” the fox says shaking his head. Then he turns to Ted and hits him. “Tag you’re it!”

--Joseph DeRepentigny
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She used to look out at the newly fallen snow when she was a child. The beauty and unblemished wonderment as far as the eye can see. One day, she spied the playful fox chasing the small mouse at a frantic pace. The skittering rodent always a few paces ahaed. When she pleaded with her mummy to go out to play, her mother would give in with a sigh. When her mother finally bundled her up for the journey outside, there were no creatures to be found. Even more strange is the absence of any pawprints or any evidence they were there at all. The little girl would lumber back inside, saddened but hopeful that her playmates will be back again tomorrow.

--Rick Powell

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Poof!* purple smoke filled the room, causing the two sisters to cough. Fanning a hand in front of her face, Vix glared at her sibling. "I told you it wouldn't work," she said. 

"Open a window, we can at least clear out the room," Min snapped, scowling at her sister's back. Throwing open a shutter, the room began to clear. 

"You're just lucky it was smoke this time," Vix said. "The last time you messed up a spell, mum and dad were turned into trolls." Min stuck out her tongue at Vix. 

"It could have been worse. I know what ingredient I missed, let's try again." Vix sighed and re-lit the candle. The two sisters began to cast their spell... 

*Pop! Pop!* 

"Oops," Min squeaked. 

"Oops?" Vix growled. "I thought you said you knew what you did wrong?" Vix lashed her fluffy orange tail and before her sister could say 'cheese', had chased her out into the crisp winter day. "You better fix this! I don't want to be a fox for all eternity!" 

Min bounced over the fresh snow, and said, "You think I want to be a mouse!?"

--Mel Chesley 

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