Friday, July 5, 2013

Flash Friday

The prompt for the following pieces of Flash Fiction was: "When is it okay to lie?"

Here are 3 pieces from some of our Word Weavers:

 Joseph DeRepentigny:

John sat in the living room watching TV. It wasn’t a particularly good show but it was something. Just then, his wife Delores walks in wearing an awful looking dress.
“What do you think?” she asks.
He looks at her and ponders the truth. Tell her it is awful and face a night of arguing or say nothing. The decision made he grunts.
“Does it make me look fat?”
He bites his tongue. He could say, “That’s an awful lot of blame to put on a dress.”
Instead, he shakes his head and says, “No, you’re fine.”

BC Brown:

Now. Now, he thought, would be an okay time to lie. It was one-thirty in the morning, on the most exciting day of any child's life - Christmas Eve. Well, officially Christmas morning now. And he should lie. His daughter's bright green eyes peering up at him beneath long blonde lashes, THE question lurking in their depths. "Will Santa really bring me presents tonight?" she asked. He should lie. It would be okay; it's socially acceptable to lie to a four year old about Santa Claus. But Dan Jamison couldn't bring himself to lie to his little child - his sweetheart. Not even for the preservation of the Santa myth. Yes, now it would be okay to lie but, as he sat on the bed beside her, he realized he might have the lie on the tip of his tongue but its weight was too much in his heart.

Rick Powell:

She put the little bundle down on the step at the Police Station that spring night. A tear falling from her eye as she bends down an kisses the slumbering baby on the forehead. She has spent $75.00 to take the bus here. She knows she should have met up with the couple 5 miles south into the city. They were going to pay the $10,000.00 that Calvin said they would. Cash. Then Samantha showed her the article in the paper from 7 years ago. The same couple. Arrested for the slave trade. Did she really want to give her baby to them? She needed a hit so bad. Her body ached for it. Calvin is expecting her call. There is no telling what he will do if he doesn't get that money. She wipes the tear away as she dials the number on the pre-paid cell phone he has given her. As she wipes the tear away, he hand brushes against the cheekbone that Calvin fractured 8 months ago. She types in the number. Shivers as she waits for him to pick up. "You got the money?", he growls. "Yeah, baby", she says, lips quivering. "I'm on my way back." She ends the call. Walks towards the bus stop. Knowing that she will not come back here. Ever. 

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