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Book Review: 'Revelation: Creatures Rule the Night' by Nathaniel Connors

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“Revelation: Creatures Rule the Night”

by Nathaniel Connor

This book opens in the year 2246, on the moon inside a Space Fleet base, the day before the class graduation of the main character, John Armand, and his close group of fighter pilot friends. John, a young man with a troubled past, is quickly shipped off to Mars and away from the life he’s known. His best friend Julius, a human who was born and raised in the very same Martian colony John and his friends are to be stationed at, is ordered to report to Earth for business that is not right away made clear.
For me there are some problems with the science and time line of events on Mars. For example, there is a building, a jail, John is taken into when he decides to seek out the leader of Martian arm that is described as being at or around one thousand years old. Who would have been building such structures on Mars in 1246? There is also a race of people called the Outlanders who are native to Mars, but are the partial creation of gene splicing. It’s never fully explained how this race, or the swamp lands they live in, came to be, which isn’t too much of a problem because there is plenty of other action taking place to distract the reader from these small holes in the plot...but unfortunately for the hardcore Science Fiction or Horror fan a good deal of this book’s action has to do with Romance.
Okay, maybe that’s not completely fair to say. This is not a Romance novel, but for my taste love and romantic relationships take far too predominate a role in the story. It seems at some points that the main character can’t go five minutes without reflecting upon how much he loves his his wife, how much he loved his dead teenage lover, his love for his friends, his love for his family, and so forth and so on. I personally found these constant reflections upon how much the other characters meant to him rather boring and wished there wasn’t so much of it between the ‘good parts’ of the book, you know where they blow things up, fight demons, battle zombies, and try to keep the world from ending.
Oh, yes, there are demons, walking dead, shape shifters, and all other manner of supernatural and religious creatures in this Science Fiction novel, making it less then traditional for the genre. I’d, myself, like to believe by the year 2246 we as a species will have lost our need for such foolishness as organized religion, but demons almost always make a story cooler and that’s the case here.
All and all, this is a pretty good book, not great, but it is just the start of a longer series with promise for more violence and less of John’s sappy musing in the future.

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