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Book Review: 'An Eternity of Shadow' by Andrea Dean van Scoyoc

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“An Eternity of Shadow”

by Andrea Dean van Scoyoc

reviewed by Hydra M. Star

I should start this review by stating that I’ve never read Dante’s Diary, the book to which this book is a sequel. I DID read the first book written about Ivana Morriander’s life, but at the time I read it, it was being published under the title Left to the Night Alone. This book later become Vampire Alone and then afterward was revises further and became Dante’s Diary. So, when I now state that I found contradiction in Ivana’s store in this book as compared to what was told of her life in the first book I say so with the understanding that these might only be contradictions between the first incarnation of her story and what it later became in Dante’s Diary. However, I still feel such a statement should be made since others readers, who have only read Ivana’s story in it’s original version, might find some of these contradictions annoying, but frankly Ivana’s story to me always contradicted itself in places and in that way seems very much like a true to life, first person, retelling of a long life lived.

This is also one of those books that does not sit you down and tell you a story from start to finish. The narrative jumps around a bit, but is basically a collection of Ivana’s poetry and musings regarding her life. Towards the end there are quite a few short stories penned by other vampires who Ivana knew during a period of her life when she belonged to a coven. A reader who is familiar with Andrea Dean van Scoyoc’s writing will recognize and remember some of these stories and poems from other collections she has published or been a part of. One of these stories, in fact, recently appeared in an end of the world anthology I myself compiled and published, No One Makes It Out Alive, which Andrea has two stories in. However, I doubt very seriously any but the most diehard of Andrea’s fans will have read all or even most of the works collected for this book, I certainly had not, and even though the book at times seems a bit “disjointed” in the way that the material and the story of Ivana’s life if presented it is an enjoyable read.

I would say this book is almost a “best of van Scoyoc”, since as I stated it includes many of her previously published and best works. Quite the note for her to end her fiction writing career on and a must read for any of her fans.

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