Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Author Interview: Joseph Derepentigny

1. Please tell us a little known fact about you.

I have less formal education than most of the people around me. My writing skills come from
reading other people’s work and studying their dialog and prose.

2. What was your favorite genre to read growing up? Is this the genre you currently write in?

I read mostly Science Fiction when I was young. I loved Asimov and Laumer. No, I tried and
found it limiting. People today want a combination Science Fiction horror or fantasy. And then
you get the “PhD’s” who object to your every premise of technology evolution.

3. What inspires you to write?

Strange things, a statement online, a cartoon on TV, something someone says, and sometimes
ideas just come out of the blue.

4. What sort of atmosphere do you need to write?

Solitude, It can be my back porch, my writing room, or even the backyard with the dog.

5. What is your all time favorite book?

Wasp by Eric Frank Russell and The Maltese Falcon by Hammett

6. Who is your all time favorite character that is not your own.

Thomas Covenant – He is in a fantastic land but he does not want to be there.

7. Who is your favorite character of your own creation?

Justin the Mage, he is a grouch and has a temper.

8. When did you decide to become a writer?

1979 and then again in 2003, The first time I discovered that my Great Aunt wrote Peyton Place
and I figured if she could do it so could I. Then I joined the Army and they knocked the idea
right out of my head. Come 2003, I was going through my old stuff and discovered some of my
short stories were better than the stuff I was reading. So I decided why not. 120 subs later I was
getting published.

9. Where are you from?

Lawrence Massachusetts, a slum north of Boston

10. Why do you write?

It is fun, I love writing and it gives me a chance to put ideas before people.

11. What’s the best piece of writing advice you have ever been given?

Write one story, rewrite it, edit it, write it until you are sick of it, and then send it to 100
magazines. 50 will not respond, 40 will send form letter rejections, and 8 will say you have no
talent. Two of them will tell you what you did wrong. Fix the story to their specifications and
resubmit. One of them will say yes.

12. What’s the worst thing someone has ever said about your work?

2010 I was told because I do not have an MFA I was not qualified to write.

13. Has your writing ever been compared to another, famous author? If so, who?

I hope not.

14. And last, but not least, something really random:
~ What is your favorite meal?

Lobster, I eat it like a barbarian so be warned.

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