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Book Review: 'The Clearing' by Elaine Markowicz

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“The Clearing”

by Eliane Markowicz

Reviewed by Hydra M. Star

The Clearing is a vampire romance; pure and simple and with main of the common themes and
“cliches” the genre is known for. Yet, to Mrs Markowicz’s credit this story offers the reader twists,
turns, and interesting characters that make it an interesting, even if not completely unique, read. Plus,
the story’s destination is not entirely what is expected.

Centering around the character of Chloe and written in the first person this book tells the tale of a
young woman returning to the small town she visited often as a child to settle her grandmother’s
estate. Right way it is revealed that something horrible happen to one of Chloe’s friends during her
last childhood summer vacation there; something Chloe does not quite remember but might have been
responsible for. Or at least this is what some people in the town think and they accuse her of causing
the harm. Naturally, being a head strong and independent young woman Chloe wants to know the truth
and to understand why she was never allowed to return to her grandmother’s home.

From there the reader is introduced to Chloe’s old, and gay, best friend Brian. Every girl needs a
gay boyfriend, right? Her mother and her dog are also introduced to use. Her dog actually being a
somewhat major character in the book; something I as an animal lover enjoyed. But it is a mysterious
youth by the name of Alexi, who becomes obsessed with Chloe, and her relationship and reactions to
him that drives the story. This is also the relationship which gives this book most of its erotic elements,
though I would stop short of calling this book erotica. The sex scenes simply are not steamy or well-
defined enough for such a label, but plenty hot for romance. Maybe not a book for the prudish, but
nothing that’s going to shocked the more seasoned reader.

Though not something to be taken overly seriously this books is head and shoulders above most of
what has been passing for vampire romance of late, both in character development and plot, and in
general a fun read.

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