Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Review: 'Burden of Blood' by Wenona Hulsey

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“Burden of Blood”

by Wenona Hulsey

reviewed by Hydra M. Star

Nicole is a small town Southern police officer with a big secret, and she doesn’t even know the half of how deep this secret goes. Nicole can hear people’s thoughts, but not just any thoughts. She can only hear the evil or criminal thoughts of the the people near her. This comes in quite handy in her line of work, but also isolates her from the world. She will not allow herself to have romantic feelings for anyone. She is unwilling to bring a lover into her strange and paranormal world, because she fears it is all just too strange for any man to handle. Little does Nicole know, but what she has for so long considered strange is about too look normal.

Yes, reading minds starts to look normal when immortal warriors honor bound to protect the royal family of the fairy realm show up and start calling Nicole their princess. However, what’s worse is a sect of these warriors as rebelled against the fairy kingdom and are out to kidnap and control her, for she is the key to controlling the flow of power in fairyland. These evil warriors are willing to stop at nothing in order to have her and so Nicole quickly finds herself, and those close to her, in more danger then her small town police training could have ever prepared her for.

This book is filed under the genre of Paranormal Romance and that’s exactly what it is, complete with rippling muscles and pounding hearts, but this book also has it’s share of non-romantic action. In fact, this book has significantly less erotic play then I personally would have preferred. Yes, I’m a great lover of smut. I freely admit that and this book isn’t smut. This is the sort of romance novel most parents could feel good about their teenager reading and is certainly better then most of what is out there in that particular market.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting concept. Cover looks intriguing too. :-D