Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review: 'Bad Juju: A Novel of Raw Terror' by Randy Chandler

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“Bad Juju: A Novel of Raw Terror”

by Randy Chandler

reviewed by Hydra M. Star

It’s difficult to summarize this novel. After a rather mundane start, mundane in the sense that not much of a supernatural nature happens until nearly halfway through the book, the story turns into a kind of traditional zombie story with a lot of extra bits and excitement thrown in. Here, I mean ‘traditional zombie’ in the sense that Mr. Chandler invokes elements of voodoo and backwoods hoodoo in order to tell this fast paced story. That is the other great thing about this book, there isn’t a single dull moment in the small Southern town of Vinewood.

Christian elements and themes are also invoked to fight against the darkness that is literally taking over the town, but this is far from the usual God verses the Devil version of good verses evil that many other authors have used to wrap up a story neatly and happily. Luke, the book’s hero, is a complex man with a history that makes faith a difficult thing for him to possess. The bad guys and gals, and other good guys and gals, for there part are all equally imperfect. So, I really enjoyed these religious aspects of the book a lot more then is usual.

The book itself is not perfect either, much is left unexplained, but I truly believe most readers who enjoy gore and horror will find it a worthy read. If nothing else, it offers an interesting take on the legend of the dragon.

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