Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Writing Wednesday

For those of you who are new to Twitter and need followers, well, if you're an author have I got some tips for you!

First, I'd like you to go check out WJ Davies website where I read this great post. Go ahead, I'll wait. Just come back, there's more!

Okay, so some of the things I have learned about Twitter are as follows:

~ Follow 'like minded people'. The more people you follow, the more will follow you back. This is how you build your base. Look for editors, publishers, review blogs and of course, other authors.

~ See a cool Tweet such as an author promoting a book or blog post? Retweet it! My first retweet felt sort of odd... but I got over it.

~ Share what you are doing. Okay, don't go as far as "Sitting down with coffee and scratching my butt..." Um. No. We don't want THOSE kinds of details. Use the hashtags Davies suggests. I will share a few of my own in a moment.

~ Be yourself. I'm sort of off-beat and whacky, so the other day on my paper route when a goose honked at ME, I posted about it. I found it quite humorous and so did others. Then the next day, that goose brought back up in the form of a duck. Game on! Get it? Hehe.

~ Always retweet your blog posts throughout the day. You'll get more people sharing your links and retweeting them the more you share.

Once you make it known that you are an online presence that will do your share of supporting other authors, you'll begin to get the same courtesies. When I began Twitter, I was a little overwhelmed. Now I just make sure I get on there every day, check who is following me and give them all an SO (Shout out).

Which leads me to some Twitter-logue:

SO = Shout Out. Give a shout out to new followers! How do you find this? Go under your 'connection' tab when logged in. It tells you who is following you. What I do is click on each one, see if I want to follow them (if I'm not already) and then I write down their @soandso name on a sticky note. Once I am done with this list, I click back over to 'Home' and start typing in the SO's. As long as you type in '@' and then the first couple letters of their name, it will bring up a box of who it is you're trying to mention. If the right one is highlighted, hit 'Enter'. This will automatically space out those names so you can type in '@' and begin the next one. You can only put in about 4-5 names and then add, "Thanks for the follow!". It is a bit time consuming if you don't keep up with it every day.

#FF = Follow Friday. Got some great friends and want everyone to follow them? Use the #FF hashtag and add in names just like you would for the SO's.

If you aren't sure what a hashtag (#) means, Google it! I do. That's how I learn everything. If I have a question about how to do this or that, I Google it and look for my answers.

I hope this helps get you Tweeting! If you have a Twitter account, post it in the comments for us to follow you.

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