Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Network: Jennifer L. Miller, With Post

Today, with Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phones, the internet, and so much more, it is truly a visual age. People associate imagery with just about everything these days. Don’t believe me? Look at your live feed on Facebook, even quotes by famous dead guys now have a visual associated with them. It’s true.

It also makes it very easy to become distracted, procrastinate, make excuses to make time for games, or reading the funnies on your live feed. However, if you want to truly dedicate yourself to your writing, do yourself a favor and do not procrastinate when it comes to your writing obligations.
To save some time, make yourself a little press kit, of sorts, and save it onto your computer in its own little folder. Include in it:

·         Several versions of your biography, varying in length from a short paragraph blurb to several paragraphs, a “full bio” if you will.
      A few author photos in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) forms. Make sure they are as professional looking as possible. Also make sure they are at least 300 dpi.
      Synopsis’ of your printed works. Book covers in varying size (at least 300dpi). And purchasing links to your work.
      If it applies, information and imagery about/from your publisher. Remember the links!
      Your own personal website/blog/twitter/facebook information.
      In today’s visual age, most editors will want an image of you and your work to go with your biography and/or book synopsis and website information. Have all of it ready!

If you have everything ready, you will save time hunting it all down on your computer or the internet. You can then return the information request in no time at all. Simple, right?

There is one last thing that cannot be stressed enough. Never leave your editor waiting. Do not make them ask you repeatedly for something. If you are busy, if it slips your mind, if you’ve had a rough week, if something is going on and you simply cannot get the information in, then contact them and explain why and when you plan to do so.

For I guarantee you that if your editor sees you procrastinating on FB or twitter (which if they are on your list, they will), when they have asked you five times for information, they will feel that you just don’t have the dedication and passion that they are looking for in their project. Do yourself a favor and put your writing first whenever you possibly can. 
~ written by Jennifer L. Miller
Ceremony of Chaos: An Assortment of Chilling Tales by Jennifer L. Miller

Ceremony of Chaos features 12 Short Stories from the twisted mind of Jennifer L. Miller. Within the pages you will find supernatural and real world horrors sure to keep you up at night. With one new tale of terror, Black Widow, Ceremony of Chaos also contains short stories penned for Darkened Horizons Magazine, such as The Shewolf and Slither, as well as Black Water City from the Horror Anthology Concrete Blood: Dark Tales of the City. Short Stories that appeared in several Word Weavers Anthologies also are included in this collection. 

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