Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Day of Thanks

This week, all of our authors here at Word Weavers were asked what they were thankful for. And here are there answers.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!

William Clyde Morrow ~ "Thankful to be home and enjoying being an American. Being deployed sucks. Every movement is limited, living space is cramped,and FOB stinks of piss and shit. So thankful to home."

Joseph DeRepentigny ~ "That there are people out there who see fit to publish my short stories in their magazines and anthologies. That every now and then a check for a few dollars appears in my PayPal account because of these people. Finally I’m thankful for discovering that I have a few fans."
Mel Chesley ~ "That I don't live in a big city and have to deal with 'Black Friday' shoppers in Alaska. Can you imagine what those stores must be like? Shotguns... moose... "

Dawn Lexi Lorree ~ "I am thankful to have two beautiful, Healthy, talented daughters that still call me best friend."

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