Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Network: Hearse-Say Magazine

David Lingbloom offers free advertising and promotion and greatly encourage that it be mutual (the more people know about Hearse-Say Magazine, the more people know about you, etc.). His numbers on the Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress fronts are growing gradually, and it's all because of great people like you wanting to connect and enrich each one's personal lives.
David takes on links to personal/professional blogs, sites as well as excerpts and full stories. 

Concerning stories: "I have no true limit, but no novels please. You all know what would be a worthy subm
ission. Also, I'd like to stay in the realm of horror, paranormal, mystery, crime, and sci-fi/fantasy. 
Please go ahead and send submissions to and take a look and see what I'm doing with the site by clicking on the banner above."

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